All you need to do to begin playing the slot games at A Big Candy Casino is to create your account. It won't take long, and it means you can choose which of the many slot games you'd like to begin playing first.

We should warn you though - you'll get many titles to choose from, with sequels, video slots, and epic experiences flooding toward you every time you visit. Will you follow the sound of the Mighty Drums or give Santa's Reel Wheel a spin if you can access it? Will the Divas of Darkness prove to be friendly and is there a prize foretold with your name on it in Tarot Destiny?

The slots keep on pouring in at A Big Candy Casino, and you are moments away from playing your first.

Choose how you would like to play a game at A Big Candy

If you're curious to know how a game works, opt for the demo play to check it out in detail. It plays out just like the real thing, although of course the results might vary. It does give you the chance to see how the slot works though, and you can read the rules and note whether there are any special rounds or elements involved.

Play for real and you could win prizes

The slots at A Big Candy Casino certainly have plenty of sweet features involved. It's easy to spot the titles that involve jackpots, as they're displayed over the top of the slot game image. You can also check them out in the jackpots category.

Elsewhere, there are classics like Count Cashtacular, a game that proves the older slots can still ramp up plenty of on-reels action. The newer slots have plenty of surprises to spring on you too, so check out the dozens of games available today and every day that you're ready to play at A Big Candy Casino.